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Visit us on the 3rd Friday of the month

Auction on Sunday, October 30

Preview & Artist’s Sale – Noon to 2 pm

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Auction Site: Bethesda Woman’s Club,

5500 Sonoma Road,  Bethesda, MD 20817

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Our Program

Welcome to the Gem, Lapidary and Mineral Society of Washington, DC.


Our Society, GLMS-DC, has been in existence for 65 years serving people in the National Capital Area who share a common interest in the earth sciences. We are a co-founder of the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical & Lapidary Societies (EFMLS). Since the EFMLS is a member of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, our members realize the benefits of both federations.


The GLMS-DC promotes learning and interest in:

• The earth sciences

• The lapidary arts

• Mineral and fossil collecting

• Touring museums and other hobby-related sites

• A fun-filled learning environment


Our Club offers lectures by experts in geology, minerals, gems, fossils and lapidary arts. Fascinating and timely topics are covered by university professors, museum curators, scientists, skilled artisans and authors of relevant publications. Members also present lectures about their areas of expertise and their field-trip expeditions.

Field Trips

Our Club organizes field trips, usually on weekends from March to November. Members collect at sites for beautiful crystals, minerals, fascinating fossils and lapidary cutting materials. Collecting sites are within a 200-mile radius of the Washington, D.C. area. We tour museums or view private collections.

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Immerse yourself in the lapidary arts, gemology, geology, mineral and fossil collecting, and other forms of the earth sciences.

Visit us on the 3rd Friday of the month at 7:00 pm

Our interest
Lapidary 95%
Gemology 80%
Mineralogy 90%
Fossils 75%
Jewelry 91%
Geology 91%
Beading 88%
Metal work 81%
Collecting 99%
Micromounting 79%
  • “I’m not a fan of making New Year’s resolutions. I’d rather call it an NICP: Nagging Inner-Core Promise. So, here’s my pledge to continue honing my metal-fabricating skills under the expert and patient tutelage of Michael Schwartz, owner of Creative Metalworks, so I can set those pretty cabochons I craft. It’s been a long haul, but I’ve learned that every class, demo, or chat with an expert gets me closer to my goal. “
    All - GLMSDC member.
  • “This is the year I get it done! That is, make a serious effort to start producing my jewelry designs. Since learning metalsmithing basics at last September’s session at Wildacres, I’m itching to start hammering away!.”
    Cassandra - GLMSDC member.
  • “I’d like to go to Maine to mine tourmaline. The last time I went on a field trip, our club went to Herkimer, New York, to dig for Herkimer diamonds. It was a lot of fun!. “
    Ime - GLMSDC member.
  • “My mineral collection, acquired over 24 years, contains more than 3,000 specimens. And like a garden planted with beginner’s enthusiasm and maintained with slowly gained skill, it needs pruning, cutting, and weeding. So 2014 will find me doing what I began last year: gradually clearing and consolidating the collection.

    I’ve long believed that my collection is held in trust, not owned. The guiding principle is that specimens leaving the collection find a new home where they can be seen, studied, and appreciated. That, for me, means dispersing it back into the community of collectors.

    Here’s the strategy. Entry-level specimens are donated to our EFMLS workshops at Wildacres “Good Stuff” auction. Mid-level material is consigned to the GLMSDC auction. Upper mid-level items are consolidated for sale to a trusted dealer. Top items—of which I may have duplicates or wish to upgrade—may be offered individually to an appropriate dealer.

    Of course, all of this requires effort. The collection must be reviewed, choices made, records updated, and catalogs generated. But ultimately, the collection quality wi# be upgraded and its size reduced.”

    BG - GLMSDC member.
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Want to know about the dates and topics coming up? See calendar by clicking on the contact tab on the top of the page, scroll down to click on calendar and see date and topic. Meetings are on the 3rd Friday of the month.